// Module: Localization
// Localization is used to translate text fragments that appear in the user interface from English
// to the language of the user.
// Dependencies
// These files shall be included before this file is included:
// - Utilities

  /*to do: copy quoted text from English to translation without using the dictionary. Remove such entries from the dictionary.*/
  /*to do: define rules for capitalised words.
  A capitalised word, at the beginning of a sentence, that otherwise cannot be translated, can be
  translated by a capitalized translation of the undercapitalised English word.
  A capitalised word, not at the beginning of the sentence, otherwise cannot be translated, can be
  considered to be a name. Names can be copied from the English to the translation without using
  the dictionary.*/
  /*to do: build-in a self test that checks that no dictionary entry (or part of it) can be translated correctly
  using the remainder of the dictionary. Such dictionary entries are obsolete.*/

User-Defined Object: DictEntry
function DictEntry(English, translation) {
  this.mEnglish = English;
  this.mTranslation = translation;
} //DictEntry

User-Defined Object: Localization
function Localization() {
  var mLanguage;
  Publications                                                                                    */
  this.translate = translate;
  function setLanguage(language) {
    assert('setLanguage01', true, language === 'en' || language === 'nl');
    mLanguage = language;
    mDict = new Array;
    if (mLanguage === 'nl') {
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('a', 'een'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('à', 'à'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('á', 'á'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('â', 'â'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('ä', 'ä'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('è', 'è'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('é', 'é'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('ê', 'ê'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('ë', 'ë'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('ì', 'ì'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('í', 'í'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('î', 'î'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('ï', 'ï'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('℃', '℃'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('●', '●'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('an', 'een'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('and', 'en'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('and you\'ll land', 'en komt u terecht'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('at that board', 'bij dat bord'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('board', 'prikbord'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Answers', 'Antwoorden'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Create a new recipe page', 'Maak een nieuwe receptpagina aan'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Delete', 'Verwijderen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('discussion', 'discussie'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Dispatch', 'Verwijzing'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Due to', 'Vanwege'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Due to technical problems this board is', 'Vanwege technische probl' +
        'emen is dit prikbord'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Edit', 'Bewerk'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Exit without saving', 'Sluiten zonder op te slaan'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('file your request', 'uw verzoek in te dienen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('file your request there', 'uw verzoek daar in te dienen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('h', 'h'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('If you click the OK-button, this page will close', 'Als u op de OK-' +
        'button klikt, wordt deze pagina gesloten'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Insert row', 'Voeg rij in'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Insert symbol', 'Voeg symbool in'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('is', 'is'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('is the best spot to', 'is de beste plek om'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Move down', 'Verplaats omlaag'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Move up', 'Verplaats omhoog'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('OK', 'OK'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('on', 'op'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Publish', 'Publiseren'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Questions', 'Vragen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Save and exit', 'Opslaan en sluiten'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Service_Desk_Front_Page', 'Service_Balie_Start_Pagina'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Something else', 'Iets anders'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('sorry', 'onze excuses'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Special', 'Speciaal'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('start', 'start'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('technical problems', 'technische problemen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('that', 'dat'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Thank you for using', 'Dank u wel voor het gebruik van'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('The Board: "Service Balie, overige vragen"', 'Het Prikbord: "Serv' +
        'ice Balie, overige vragen"'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('the newly created page', 'de net gecreëerde pagina'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('the Service Desk Front Page', 'de Service Balie Start Pagina'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('this board', 'dit prikbord'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('This is the place to ask for help from other members of this wiki\'' +
        's community', 'Dit is de plek om hulp te vragen aan andere leden van deze wikigemeenschap'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('To', 'Om'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('To create a new Service Request, answer these questions', 'Om een S' +
        'ervice Verzoek in te dienen, beantwoord de volgende vragen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('unavailable', 'niet beschikbaar'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Welcome to the Service Desk', 'Welkom bij de Service Balie'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('What can we do for you', 'Wat kunnen we voor u doen'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('What shall be the name of the new page', 'Wat zal de naam van de ni' +
        'euwe pagina worden'));
      mDict.push(new DictEntry('Your request will be handled by the Service Desk Wizard', 'Uw verz' +
        'oek zal behandeld worden door de Service Desk Wizard'));
  This function returns the translation of the specified English word, phrase, sentence or text.  */
  function translate(English) {
    track.enter('Localization::translate("' + English + '")');
    var translation = "";
    if (mLanguage === 'en') {
      translation = English;
    } else {
      assert('translate01', true, mDict != null);
      //Punctuation markers are in Unicode sequence, for maintenance reasons only.
      var punctuationMarkers = '\t\n\r !"#$%&\'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~☐☑';
      var remainder = English;
      while (remainder.length > 0 && punctuationMarkers.indexOf(remainder[0]) >= 0) {
        translation += remainder[0];
        remainder = remainder.substr(1);
      while (remainder.length > 0) {
        var bestMatch = null;
        track.log('remainder: "' + remainder + '", remainder.length: ' + remainder.length + '.');
        for (var i = 0; i < mDict.length; ++i) {
          track.log('considering: "' + mDict[i].mEnglish + '", length: ' + mDict[i].mEnglish.length +
          if (mDict[i].mEnglish.length > remainder.length) {
            track.log('too long.');
          } else if (mDict[i].mEnglish.length < remainder.length) {
            if (remainder.substr(0, mDict[i].mEnglish.length) == mDict[i].mEnglish) {
              if (punctuationMarkers.indexOf(remainder[(mDict[i].mEnglish.length)]) >= 0) {
                if (bestMatch == null || bestMatch.mEnglish.length < mDict[i].mEnglish.length) {
                  bestMatch = mDict[i];
                  track.log('bestMatch.mEnglish: "' + bestMatch.mEnglish + '".');
              } else {
                track.log('next character "' + English[(mDict[i].mEnglish.length)] +
                  '" is not a punctuation marker.');
            } else {
          } else {
            if (remainder == mDict[i].mEnglish &&
              (!bestMatch || bestMatch.mEnglish.length < mDict[i].mEnglish.length)
            ) {
              bestMatch = mDict[i];
              track.log('bestMatch.mEnglish: "' + bestMatch.mEnglish + '".');
        if (bestMatch == null) {
          console.warn('No translation found for "' + remainder + '".');
          translation += remainder;
          remainder = '';
        } else {
          translation += bestMatch.mTranslation;
          remainder = remainder.substr(bestMatch.mEnglish.length);
          while (remainder.length > 0 && punctuationMarkers.indexOf(remainder[0]) >= 0) {
            translation += remainder[0];
            remainder = remainder.substr(1);
    return translation;
  /*Examples:*/ {
    assert('translate01', 'Antwoorden', translate('Answers'));
      'Vanwege technische problemen is dit prikbord niet beschikbaar, onze excuses.',
      translate('Due to technical problems this board is unavailable, sorry.'));
      'Uw verzoek zal behandeld worden door de Service Desk Wizard. Als u op de OK-button klikt, ' +
        'wordt deze pagina gesloten, en komt u terecht op de net gecreëerde pagina.',
      translate('Your request will be handled by the Service Desk Wizard. If you click the OK-but' +
        'ton, this page will close, and you\'ll land on the newly created page.'));
    assert('translate04', '☑ Iets anders.', translate('☑ Something else.'));
  } //Example of translate

  track.log('User: "' + mw.config.get('wgUserName') + '", language preference: "' + mLanguage +
} //Localization()
var localization = new Localization();


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